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Why my matcha won't dissolve

Getting your matcha powder to dissolve is no easy task. Matcha is an incredibly superfine powder.

When you brew matcha, you may find that the matcha powder won't dissolve easily.There is a reason for this.

Matcha powder has electrostatic energy causing it to clump together. When you finish drinking a bowl of green tea matcha you'll almost always find matcha sediment remains at the bottom of the bowl.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce clumps. These simple steps will help dissolve the matcha powder on your next brew and also ensure a smoother, richer and full-bodied tea experience.

Use a high grade 'Ceremonial' Matcha

Not all Matcha's are created equal.


Did you know that it takes approximately 1 hour to grind just 40 grams of matcha?

That be said, one of the main reasons why your matcha powder won't dissolve could be down to the grade of matcha that you are using.

In this video we compare a standard grade matcha vs a ceremonial grade matcha. The results are very different.  

Sift your matcha powder

Sift your Matcha! Using a fine mesh tea strainer, push the matcha powder through the sieve with your bamboo scoop. Sifting the green tea matcha powder through the wire mesh strainer will allow the matcha powder to dissolve easier in water.

Although it is possible to serve matcha without breaking up these clumps, they often fail to dissolve completely in hot water, remaining in the tea and getting deposited on the drinker's tongue. This will spoil the taste of what should be a delicious treat. So getting rid of these clumps is one of the keys to making a satisfying cup of matcha.

Sift matcha powder for it to dissolve better

Whisk for longer

Whisk, whisk and whisk some more - Matcha powder doesn't entirely dissolve in water like other powder pre-mix drinks. Matcha is a powdered tea leaf after all, rather than a crystallised concentrate of the like. When you whisk pure matcha powder, you actually create the suspension of tiny matcha particles in the water.

Whisk matcha for longer to dissolve

You should also use a top quality bamboo whisk, preferably one with 100 prongs. You need to whisk the matcha until you get a good layer of froth. The better it is whisked, the longer it will take for the matcha particles to settle to the bottom of the bowl.

Use the right ratio of green tea matcha powder to water. Using too much matcha for the volume of water can also result in grainy textured matcha tea. Experiment with the right amount of matcha and water. Typically 1-2 scoops to for every half to one cup of water. Experiment with your preferences for a fine brew for your palate.

Matcha powder to water ratio

  1. Scoop the desired amount into the fine mesh tea strainer over a matcha bowl
  2. Using the bamboo scoop, push the matcha powder through sifter allowing the fine powder to fall directly into the bowl
  3. Pour 60ml of warm water into the bowl
  4. Whisk the matcha vigorously in a W-motion until an emerald green froth is formed
  5. Top up with more water

Drink and enjoy!

Utensils required to help dissolve matcha powder.

1. Furui (Sifter)

This stainless steel matcha tea sieve (FURUI) is an essential item for making frothy smooth matcha tea. Sift your matcha to remove clumps and also to allow the matcha powder to dissolve easier in water.

Matcha Tea Sieve (FURUI) - Purematcha Australia

2. Bamboo Matcha Whisk

A 100 Prong matcha whisk is essential to creating the creamiest, frothiest, and most delicious matcha tea. A quality matcha whisk is a must-have for maximising your matcha green tea experience.

3. Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku)

Each matcha scoop is a simple but elegant utensil, designed for measuring the perfect amount of matcha to add to your matcha bowl. 

4. Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

A Chawan is a specialised green tea bowl that has a shallow design and large base to give you plenty of space for whisking. Whisking your matcha will help dissolve the fine powder and will also create a beautiful smooth texture and release as much flavour as possible.

3. Green Tea Matcha Powder

Select only a ceremonial grade matcha for the ultimate tea experience. The tea leaves used in a ceremonial grade have been grounded down into a superfine powder using traditional stone mills. It takes over 1 hour to ground just 40grams of powder. The finer the powder the higher the grade. 

How to sift matcha powder

add matcha tea powder into fine mesh sieve


Add 1 scoop of matcha green tea powder into a fine mesh tea strainer over the matcha bowl


Sift the matcha through the tea strainer and into the bowl.

bamboo scoop to push matcha through sieve
add warm water to matcha bowl


Add 60ML of warm water (80 Degrees C) into the chawan bowl *Never use boiling water*


Hold the bowl tightly with one hand and make W-Shaped whisking motions. Whisk rapidly for 30-45 seconds

whisk matcha in w shape
Add more water to matcha to taste


Once the layer of emerald-green foam emerges, stop whisking and top up with water to taste.

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