Japanese Green Tea Australia

Buy the best Japanese green tea in Australia. Our Japanese tea selections are freshly packed directly at the farm. Enjoy delicious Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha and Hojicha teas from the most esteemed tea fields in all of Japan.

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100g EISAI Organic Ceremonial Matcha (2 Month Supply)


50g EISAI Organic Ceremonial Matcha Powder


50g KOZAN-JI Uji Organic CULINARY GRADE Matcha


Organic Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea (100g)


100g ORGANIC SENCHA Gold Green Tea


100g Organic Hojicha Powder


100g GYOKURO Yabukita and Okumidori Blend


100g ORGANIC HOJICHA Roasted Green Tea


100g EISAI Organic Ceremonial Matcha Furoshiki Wrapped


Japanese green tea

Discover the true authentic taste of green tea from Japan. Our selection of high grade loose leaf and powder green teas are freshly packed directly from our suppliers in Japan

Sencha tea

Sencha tea is the quintessential green tea of Japan. Our Sencha Gold tea is 100% organic and is made from first-picked tea leaves grown in Uji Japan. It is harvested from the Yabukita cultivar which results in a perfectly balanced Sencha combining a rich depth of umami with a sweet and fruity aroma and finish.

Gyokuro tea

Just like Matcha tea, Gyokuro is shaded prior to harvesting, the shading stops the leaves from converting theanine to catechins and increases the amount of chlorophyll. Renowned as the highest quality form of Japanese green tea, Gyokuro is the most expensive and rare of all the green teas.

Genmaicha tea

Genmaicha means brown rice tea. This popular green tea combines organic green tea with organic roasted brown rice. This high-quality tea is sometimes referred to as popcorn tea because a few grains of the rice pop during the roasting process and resemble popcorn. When brewed, it produces a light golden colour with a natural sweet butter-nut like flavour and aroma.

Hojicha tea

Houjicha is made from roasting first harvest Sencha, Bancha or Kukicha over a high flame until the colour of the leaves turns light brown. This roasting process results in a rich green tea brew full of caramel and sweet roasted soya umami.

Ceremonial Matcha Powder

This ceremonial grade matcha comes from the Okumidori cultivar. This Uji grown cultivar is often reserved for the highest quality green teas because of its well rounded and naturally sweet umami taste.

Culinary Matcha Powder

Made from the Yabukita cultivar, known for its versatility and excellent overall quality. KOZAN-JI pure matcha culinary grade matcha is characterised by its strong, but balanced taste. It is very fragrant on the nose and is suitable as an everyday matcha tea or for matcha lattes and cooking.