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How to store matcha and Japanese green tea

How to store matcha and Japanese green tea

The best way to keep your matcha and green tea from losing its freshness is to invest in a high quality, airtight storage solution.
on January 14, 2021
How to cold brew Japanese sencha tea

Sencha summers - How to cold brew sencha tea

In this how-to guide we use HARIO's filter in bottle to cold brew sencha. HARIO's cold brew glass bottle is the perfect companion for brewing teas and even fruity infusions. 
on November 20, 2020
Learn how to take care of your matcha bamboo whisk chasen

How to Take Care of Your Matcha Whisk (5 Simple Steps)

How does a handmade matcha whisk hold up to the test of time? Very well long as you take good care of it. Here are 5 simple tips that I use to keep my whisk in tip top shape.

on November 12, 2020
Japanese Gyokuro Tea Australia

Gyokuro Tea Australia

What is Gyokuro Tea? Gyokuro is famous for its sweet...
on July 17, 2020
Tokoname japanese teapot australia

TOKONAME TEAPOTS - Why Tea Tastes Better From a Tokoname Teapot

Tokoname region in Japan has a global reputation for its long history in the pottery business and its famous clay which support the claims.
on April 30, 2020
Matcha - Avoid these 5 costly buying mistakes!

Matcha - Avoid these 5 costly buying mistakes!

$40 Matcha vs $20 Matcha in this matcha buying guide video we show the comparison between everyday matcha and a high-quality ceremonial matcha
on March 10, 2020



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