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The Rose of Japanese Tea - Yamabuki Nadeshiko

Yamabuki Nadeshiko is new and exciting tea that originates from Japan.

 It is a new style of tea exclusively produced in Japan.


It is a fermented tea similar in appearance and processing to black tea and Pu’er.

But the ingenious use of state-of-the-art technology and kuro-koji (black fermentation starter) makes Yamabuki Nadeshiko a distinctive and delicious tea.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko is the first microbiologically controlled fermented tea in the world.

The vibrant flavour and rich hue of the Yamabuki Nadeshiko have built upon the Japanese excellence of similar traditional fermented products like sake, miso and soy sauce. 

Yamabuki, Nadeshiko’s scientific microbiome process, JAS-certified tea leaves, patented kuro-koji creates an innovative tea that boasts a fruity aroma with an elegant rose-coloured liquor. 

Are you looking to spice up your tea game?

Looking for a tea offering something different?

Then Yamabuki Nadeshiko is the tea for you!


Yamabuki Nadeshiko has a high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

It even has higher levels of catechins than usual green tea.

The wealth of catechins in Yamabuki Nadeshiko makes it a great tea to drink to increase energy levels.


Other therapeutic benefits of catechins include aiding weight loss, supporting brain and heart function.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko has higher levels of gallic acid than usual green tea.

This tea also has a higher concentration of citric acid than usual green tea making it a beneficial tea to drink to help alkalize the body to boost your overall health.

It’s a healthful tea that supports digestion, mental clarity, weight-loss and heart health.

The abundance of catechins, gallic and citric acid makes Yamabuki Nadeshiko truly a therapeutic tea.

Due to the strict and groundbreaking procedures undertaken to create Yamabuki Nadeshiko (moisture control, sterilisation and microbial fermentation) new and valuable polyphenols have been found. 

Studies undertaken by Shizuoka University and Saga University focus on the two new polyphenols ‘Teadonal A and B’ found in microbial fermented tea. The research conducted on these polyphenols revealed that they are a helpful aid against high blood sugar and diabetes. 

You can read more about the new polyphenols found in Yamabuki Nadeshiko at this link.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko Japanese fermented loose leaf green tea


Yamabuki Nadeshiko tea is a true Japanese beauty. 

It is more robust than black tea but not as earthy and heavy as other fermented teas such as Pu’er.

When first steeped, the liquor is a rich amber hue. Then with each steep, the liquor becomes deeper and similar to a beautiful pale garnet. 

Initially, the tea is fruity on the nose with jammy strawberries and raisin accents.


Yamabuki Nadeshiko is a medium-body tea that has sweet acidic characteristics like plums, making this tea sweet but refreshing. 

Surprisingly, the slight sour profile pertains to no astringency whatsoever. 

The acidity is well-balanced with roasted chestnut and caramel notes reminiscent of Japanese Hojicha loose-leaf tea. 

The complex flavour combination makes this tea very addictive. 

Yamabuki Nadeshiko is a tea for all occasions.

Try this tea yourself and see what wonderful scents and flavours spark for you!

Yamabuki Nadeshiko loose leaf tea and steeped tea comparison


Yamabuki Nadeshiko is a new and exciting collaboration between experienced Japanese tea farmers, esteemed tea masters and expert Japanese scientific knowledge.

The tea leaves harvested to create this delicious tea reside 400 meters above sea level in the majestic hills of Haruno Village, Shizuoka. 

Picturesque Haruno Village is an ideal location for organic farming. The farmers from this village have been preserving the Japanese tea farming tradition for more than 30 years.

The tea leaves collected to make Yamabuki Nadeshiko come from a local initiative created to specifically support tea farmers throughout the harvesting season by using later-harvested tea leaves.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko is produced by an intergenerational family of tea masters who are passionate about tea. 

As a family and business, they aim to work collaboratively with tea farmers of the region to produce the highest quality organic tea and to spark new enthusiasm for the possibilities of tea.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko microbiome-controlled fermentation process is revolutionary for two main reasons. 

Firstly, it is the first time kuro-koji (black fermentation starter) is has been used to ferment organic green tea. 

Kuro-koji (also known as black koji) has a long and rich Japanese distilling history that can be traced back to Okinawa. 

Traditionally, kuro-koji is used as a fermenting agent to produce Japanese awamori and sake. 

Kuro Koji fermentation process


As the leading fermentation agent in Yamabuki Nadeshiko, kuro-koji creates a deep and sophisticated flavour profile unique to this tea.

Secondly, Yamabuki Nadeshiko is the first ‘microbiologically controlled’ fermented tea.

The fermentation process is conducted in a bio-clean room. Specific equipment and machinery dedicated to the production of Yamabuki Nadeshiko are used to ensure food safety and standards are maintained.

The green tea used to create Yamabuki Nadeshiko is sterilised before and after the microbial fermentation process. This sterilisation process gives Yamabuki Nadeshiko a refreshing natural aroma and clean taste consistent with every batch.

 Are you ready to give this tea a try?

Yamabuki Nadeshiko’s quality, flavour and health attributes are a testament to the passionate tea communities who have contributed to the production of this tea. 

This tea is a true gem.


We suggest brewing between 85°C - 90°C for 2 minutes with multiple infusions. You can definitely brew this tea for longer to create a bolder and stronger infusion. In such case we can suggest that a drop of milk might be a good idea.

Tea Brewing Temperature Chart




Yamabuki Nadeshiki (3 gram / 200ml water)

85°C - 90°C

4 minutes

Can be re-steeped 3-4 times


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