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A Matcha Bowl (Chawan) is a type of tea bowl used in Japan to drink green tea. Holding a Matcha bowl with both hands, feeling the warmth of the Matcha tea transcending through the bowl and into your hands. Raising it up to your lips to sip a small portion of emerald green Matcha tea is a soothing delightful experience.

Matcha bowls are large and the portion of Matcha tea is small. This follows the tradition of how one is served Matcha in Japan. Handmade tea bowls have been valued objects of desire since powdered-tea drinking began in Japan in the 15th century.



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HARU Chawan White Matcha Bowl


KOHIKI Chawan Sand Matcha Bowl


TOKONAME AZUMA Black Tenmoku Chawan Matcha Bowl




ASAMI Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Bowl CHAWAN


AMAYA Blue Matcha Bowl White Brushstroke CHAWAN


AKEMI Japanese CHAWAN Matcha Bowl


AKINA Japanese CHAWAN Matcha Bowl


HIKARU Chawan Black Matcha Bowl Speckled