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What does matcha taste like?
The taste of matcha can vary depending on the grade, quality, origin and cultivar of the tea leaf. A ceremonial grade matcha will have a rich and creamy flavour. Almost no bitterness and finish with some sweetness. In contrast a lower grade of matcha will have a grassy flavour, less sweetness and typically some bitterness.
Does matcha have caffeine?
Matcha can have varying levels of caffeine and this is a result of how it is processed. Our EISAI matcha was found to have 33.3mg per 1 gram serve of matcha. In contrast, a shot of espresso (30ml) will have about 63mg of caffeine
How to store matcha?
Matcha is highly sensitive to air, moisture, light, temperature and odours. To retain the freshness and nutrient content of matcha it is best to store matcha in an air-tight container, that can block out light and store it away from heat sources like ovens.
What is the best water temperature for making matcha tea?
The best water temperature for making matcha tea is between 70°C - 80°C. Never use boiling water because boiling water will over extract the flavours of matcha tea and make the matcha taste bitter.
Is matcha good for you?
Drinking matcha green tea combined with a healthy diet and exercise can be extremely good for your health. There are countless scientific studies that have linked green tea with improved health. Matcha green tea is packed with antioxidants to support your immune system, increase energy levels, help you focus and keep your mind calm when you feel anxious.
What is matcha?
Matcha translates to ‘powder (ma) tea (cha)‘ in Japanese and is known as a finely grounded refined powdered green tea. Mixed in water with a whisk, it forms a frothy bright green tea popular for its unique flavor, energy-boosting property and health benefits. Its tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) are shaded from the sun for 3-4 weeks before harvest They’re ground Tencha tea leaves, which have been steamed and air-dried You ingest the entire powdered tea leaf and potentially get tenfold nutritional benefits of green tea

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