Matcha Tea Canisters

Browse our range of Japanese made Matcha tea canisters. Matcha is susceptible to oxygen, light and odours. Store your matcha powder with one of our high-quality storage canisters that will keep you matcha tasting farm fresh and vibrant green.

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1kg Airscape Large Canister Chalk White (AA2008)


CRANE Japanese Washi Tea Canister 150g (Blue)


KIMONO Japanese Matcha Tea Canister (150g)


AOMI Japanese Matcha Tea Canister (150g)


KOMON Japanese Matcha Tea Canister (150g)


ZODIAC Mini Washi Wrapped Japanese Canister


Striped Fabric Wrapped Japanese Tea Storage Canister


TYTE Airtight Canister in WALNUT wood


TYTE Airtight Canister in OAK wood