Incense Gift Sets

Explore our aromatic collection of Japanese incense gift sets. An array of fragrances to inspire relaxation, mindfulness and self-awareness. These gift sets are handmade and steeped with tradition using sustainable and natural ingredients.

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Snow, Moon, Flowers Incense / Paulownia Box


OEDO-KOH Nippon Kodo Water Drop Incense Sticks


Tea Leaf and Coffee Incense Aroma Pallet


Japanese Floral Incense Set (Paulownia Gift Box)


SAKURA Leaf Incense Sticks (Paulownia Gift Box)


Japanese Matcha Set and Incense Wellness Hamper


SAKURA Fuji Japanese Incense Set (Paulownia Gift Box)


Prayer and Healing Flower Japanese Incense Set (Paulownia Gift Box)