Matcha Confectionery

Buy from our selection of matcha confectionery products. We are a seller of Matcha KitKat Australia.

Matcha powder is such a versatile ingredient that its uses go beyond matcha tea. Matcha confectionery is very popular in Japan and you'll find that matcha powder is used in a variety of sweets including cookies, chocolate, candies, and even ice-cream.

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NESTLE Matcha KitKat Otona Amasa


NESTLE Matcha KitKat KOI Otona Amasa


Glico Pocky Matcha Green Tea Biscuit Sticks


NESTLE Hojicha KitKat Roasted Green Tea


GLICO Pocky KOI FUKAMI Matcha - Made in Japan


NESTLE Raspberry KitKat


YUKIGUNI AGURI Matcha Konjak Jelly


BOURBON Matcha Baum Rolls