Japanese Tea and Teaware Gifts

The culture of gift-giving in Japan is one of the most prevalent in the world. Different types of gifts are given on different occasions with special attention given to the wrapping of presents. In Japan, the gift of green tea is gifted for good health and long life of friends, family and professional colleagues.

We have a selection of gift ideas to suit all price ranges which are perfect for many occasions such as Christmas, secret Santa, corporate gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and so much more.

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Purematcha Gift Card


Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea Serving Tray


Morning Gyokyro, Coffee Japanese Incense Sticks


Scented Yuzen Paper Squares


Japanese Floral Incense Sticks


Japanese Ceramic Incense Holder


Japanese Incense Sticks Made From Natural Essential Oils


SAKURA Furoshiki Japanese Wrapping Cloth


Tin Incense Holder in Acrylic Case