There are many factors to consider when brewing the perfect pot of Japanese green tea. 

For the people of China and Japan, brewing green tea is truly an art form, for others, sometimes tea bags will do! Despite the various rituals and methods taught from generation to generation the basic fundamentals are common and hold true. 

Firstly, you will need a teapot. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency we recommend using a Japanese Kyusu. Not only are they are an art form in their own right, they are built for purpose.  

Key Features of Japanese Kyusu:

1. In-built tea strainer. Less hassle, no fuss.

2. A side handle for ergonomic easy pouring with no drips

3. Made of clay which is said to infuse flavours into the tea

Secondly, to enjoy Japanese green tea to its fullest, you want to consume the right ratio of tea leaves to water. Yunomi tea cups usually hold between 80ml to 120ml of liquid. They do not have a handle like most western teacups. This is mainly because Japanese tea is never consumed with boiling hot water, therefore no requirement for a cup handle. 

Below is our full guide on how to brew various Japanese green teas with instructions on steep times and water temperature for each tea variant. 

japanese tea set for green tea

Step 1.

Prepare required tea accessories for you and your guest(s).

how to brew japanese green tea

Step 2.

Pour boiling water into teacups and let it sit until the water had dropped to its ideal water temperature. 

how to steep japanese green tea

Step 3.

Add recommended amount of tea to the Kyusu teapot. (See guidelines for each tea below)

loose leaf tea in tokoname teapot

Step 4.

Take a moment to smell the aromas of the loose leaf tea in the clay teapot. 

how to brew japanese green tea

Step 5.

Transfer the water from the teacups by pouring into the Kyusu, put the lid back on and let it steep for recommended time duration.

how to brew japanese tea

Step 6.

After steep time has completed, alternate the pouring of the tea into both teacups until even amount is served. 

How to brew Japanese Sencha Green Tea Video



This Yabukita and Okumidori Gyokuro blend has been shade-grown in Minami Yamashiro village, which is in the southern area of Uji. It is full of catechins and has a rich umami sweet nutty flavour. A totally unique tea used for only special occasions which is why it is Japan's most revered green tea.

To brew:
1. Add 1-1/2 tablespoons to a teapot

2. Add 200ml of 60°C - 70°C water (Not boiling water)

3. Steep for 1.5 min - 2 min and serve.  


This 100% organic Sencha green tea is from the Minami Yamashiro village in the southern area of Uji. It is harvested from the Yabukita cultivar which results in a perfectly balanced Sencha combining a rich depth of umami with a sweet and fruity aroma and finish.

To brew:

1. Add 1-1/2 tablespoons to a teapot

2. Add 200ml of 80°C water (Not boiling water) 

3. Steep for 1 min and serve. 


This tea is a distinctive blend of green tea and whole roasted brown rice. It is low in caffeine making it the perfect relaxing tea before bedtime. This 100% organic Genmaicha tea is a blend of our high-quality Yabukita Sencha and roasted brown rice.

To brew:

1. Add 1-1/2 tablespoons to a teapot 

2. Add 200ml of 80°C water (Not boiling water)

3. Steep for 1 min and serve. 


Houjicha or Hojicha is a mild easy drinking tea made by roasting Sencha tea leaves over high heat. In the teacup, Hojicha has a caramel honey appearance and when consumed has a woody, roasted nutty smooth finish.

To brew:

1. Add 2 tablespoons to a teapot

2. Add 200ml of boiling water

3. Steep for 15 - 30 seconds and serve.

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