100g ORGANIC HOUJICHA Roasted Green Tea
Hojicha roasted green tea australia
Hojicha roasted green tea australia
Best houjicha green tea loose leaf tea japan organic
Organic houjicha green tea australia
Organic houjicha loose leaf japanese green tea australia
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100g ORGANIC HOUJICHA Roasted Green Tea


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 Farm fresh 100% Organic
 Farmed in Uji Japan
 Premium Grade Tea
Houjicha or Hojicha is a mild easy drinking tea made by roasting Sencha tea leaves over high heat. It is a brown tea with a toasted nutty flavour. Like Sencha, tea leaves for Houjicha are grown with fully-flooded sunlight, so that Houjicha contains beneficial Catechin. In the teacup, this Hojicha has a caramel honey appearance and when consumed has a woody, roasted nutty smooth finish.

Houjicha is made from roasting first harvest Sencha, Bancha or Kukicha over a high flame until the colour of the leaves turns light brown.

This roasting process results in a rich green tea brew full of caramel and sweet roasted soya umami. 

Houjicha has very low level of caffeine making it the ideal evening tea to relax before bedtime.

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