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Purematcha Takes Center Stage at Australian Fashion Week with Karla Spetic!

Purematcha were the official drink sponsors of Karla Spetic runway show. 

Backstage Buzz with Purematcha

The energy at Australian Fashion Week is always electric. Being one of the most eminent fashion events in the Asian-Pacific region, it is etched into the Australian calendar. Australian Fashion Week hosts collections of prominent and influential Australian designers - and this year Purematcha was proud to add a touch of zen amidst the creative chaos. 

As the official drinks sponsor for the talented Australian designer - Karla Spetic, we provided a refreshing and energising option for both the backstage crew and Karla's VIP guests: a selection of our cold-brew matcha waters and a warm traditional brew. 

It was a frenzy in the hair and makeup department. Everyone was working up a sweat and most importantly, having fun. Purematcha fuelled the models, hair and makeup teams with some delicious bottled cold-brew options. They could choose between an iced coconut water matcha or an iced matcha with a hint of maple syrup. Yum.

Both drink options were eagerly and equally taken. Matcha has grown in popularity with more and more cafes serving it. It was a real joy to see the surprise of delight on faces when trying their first matcha without any milk! We always love it when customers can taste the difference. Our premium quality matcha is so good, that it shines on its own!

There are so many important roles and pieces that work together for a runway production. We had great conversations with the lighting and sound crew, stylists, managers, photographers and runway set installers. What is exciting about these conversations is seeing how more and more people drink and know about matcha. Listening to their experiences and knowledge of matcha gave us goosebumps. So many people wanted to try our matcha, wanted to know more about us and discuss the quality of our matcha. And in the downtime, it was heartwarming to see people coming up to our stand asking for a traditional warm-brew matcha. 

It was a privilege to witness how much cordination and manpower is required to create a successful runway show. We were thrilled to support everyone’s beverage needs!

Who is Karla Spetic?

Karla is best known for her signature soft tailoring and playful juxtaposition of the feminine and masculine. Her approach to design comes from philosophical explorations intersecting womanly ideals, with power, mysticism and fantasy.  

Migrating to Australia in 1993 from Dubrovnik (Croatia), she has been a fashion trailblazer since 2008. Her designs have continued to evolve and make waves in the fashion industry. 

Karla’s designs have been worn by Solange, Rita Ora and Natalie Joos (to name a few). 

Ikigai - Reason for being

What is so spellbinding in Karla’s IKIGAI Resort ‘25 Collection are the undertones of a woman’s strength and perseverance mirrored in her garments. For this collection, Karla's inspiration was iconic Japanese films by Shoehei Imamura, Kenji Mizoguchi and even the more recent horror film franchise Ju On. These Japanese films often feature female protagonists who despite their deprecating lives, are unsung heroes. They take control where they can. Likewise, this collection celebrates female autonomy, tenacity and resistance. 

Karla’s colour palette is bold and sensual. The contrasting range of colours from raven blacks, deep Tarintino reds, stark whites, azure blues and soft blues is commanding yet alluring. An array of silhouettes to suit all moods walked the runway. Prints and textures explored different dispositions. There were seductive fitted lace garments scattered amongst tailored suits in soft knits that reverberated freely with each movement. Some suits are carefully pieced back together after being in battle. Bows tie sections together in commemoration of a victorious battle. 

One of the highlights was the tongue-in-cheek salute to eroticism. Frisky prints of lingerie were printed over sheer garments, a homage to women taking control of the gaze. And let us not forget the captivating Chantelle Otten - Sexologist strutting the catwalk with a Lovehoney Heart Throb V!brator!

Karla Spetic’s  IKIGAI Resort ‘25 is an incredible collection embracing self-expression, empowerment and personal freedom.

The team that help made it happen 

Witnessing Karla Spetic's vision come to life on the runway was truly inspiring. We at Purematcha are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this journey, fuelling both the models and the creative force behind the collection.

A huge thank you goes out to our fantastic team who worked tirelessly at the Purematcha stand, ensuring everyone stayed hydrated and energised throughout the event. 


Finally, our deepest appreciation goes to Karla Spetic and her incredible team for their dedication and artistry. 

We can't wait to see what awe-inspiring designs Karla brings out next!

Yamabuki Nadeshiko loose leaf tea and steeped tea comparison

Special thanks to:

Passout Media for videography, photos and media assets

Bamboozel Projects for signage and prints

Click here to view the Karla Spetic collection 

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