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HOPR - Non Alcoholic Sparkling Hop Water

A Thoughtfully Crafted Elixir for Mind and Body

HOPR Sparkling Water and Purematcha Collaboration

HOPR + Purematcha Collaboration

HOPR and Purematcha deliver products that recognise the positive impact and many health benefits L-Theanine can have in our everyday lives. 

L-Theanine can provide you with the calmess needed to appreciate a moment of pleasure and joy as well as providing you with the focus required to conquer. 

Purematcha have proudly teamed up with HOPR to provide you with healthier beverage choices. 

So, whether you're looking to cut back on alcohol, coffee or sugary drinks, we got you. 

The Better Alternatives One limited edition collaborative bundle by HOPR and Purematcha is the perfect bundle that supports you in creating better drinking habits. 

What is HOPR?

HOPR's non-alcoholic sparkling waters are crafted with hops, adaptogens and nootropics to elicit a stress-relieving and mood-boosting feeling for your mind and body. 

Instead of relying on sugar and coffee to help energise you and instead of relying on alcohol to help you unwind drink HOPR for a healthier alternative. 

HOPR Sparkling Water Zero Alcohol


HOPR Sparkling Water Zero Sugar


HOPR Sparkling Water Zero Calories


HOPR Sparkling Gluten Free


HOPR Sparkling Water Vegan Friendly


HOPR Sparkling Water Zero Made in Australia


HOPR Functional Ingredients


This herb has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine traditions. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen known to help regulate the body's stress hormone and promote relaxation. This adaptogen calms the nervous system but does not cause sleepiness. 


Drink green tea? If so, then you've been having L-theanine. Japanese monks and Samurai warriors have been enjoying the benefits of L-theanine since the 12th century.  L-theanine is an amino acid that is known to improve focus, memory, and cognitive performance.


The Better Alternatives One



1x - The Citra Hops One

1x - The Mango one

1x - The Citra & Amarillo Hops One

1x - EISAI Single Origin Okumidori Uji Matcha (10g)

HOPR Range of Sparkling Flavours

Hops is the key ingredient in HOPR's beverage range.  Hops is technically the flowers of the hop plant Humulus Iupulus. Hops has its own unique flavour and aromatic profile often described as citrusy, pine-like, herbal and earthy. HOPR has brilliantly engineered a variety of flavours by enhancing the unique flavour characteristics of the hops plant.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko Japanese fermented loose leaf green tea

The Citrus Hops One

You'll get delicious floral and citrus aroma and flavour - think lychee and elderflower. A crowd favourite for all those OG's out there.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko Japanese fermented loose leaf green tea

The Mango One

The Citra hops paired with the mango gives it tropical IPA vibes. If you're looking for a subtle hoppy finish then this will be your go-to bevvy. 

Yamabuki Nadeshiko Japanese fermented loose leaf green tea

The Citrus Hops One

We reduced the bitterness a tad bit in order to get a more tropical and citrus flavour, and aroma from the hops. With notes of peach, grapefruit, and lemon, this refreshing bevvy will be a new addition to your daily health routine.

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