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how a bamboo matcha whisk is made

Matcha Whisk (CHASEN) - A Video Guide to How it's Made

Ever wondered how a Bamboo Matcha Whisk is made? This video guide demonstrates the traditional art handed down for the past hundred years and made with the spirit of crafting without compromising.
on September 12, 2019
matcha green tea powder on display

Matcha Tea Australia - A Guide to Buying the Best Matcha Tea

Matcha green tea in Australia has reached record levels of demand. Australia is going crazy for matcha as more and more people come to know about Matcha’s incredible health benefits.
on September 02, 2019
Matcha powder the ultimate super food powder

Matcha Powder - The Ultimate Super Powder

Is Matcha powder a superfood powder? In the universe of raw plant powders, how can one define a powder to be classed as a true super powder? 

on August 27, 2019
Father's Day Matcha Tea Set Offer

Father's Day Matcha Tea Set Offer

This 6 Piece ceremonial Japanese matcha tea set is an ideal gift for beginners as a starter kit or even long-time matcha connoisseurs that really enjoy the art of traditional Japanese tea ceremony at home.
on August 24, 2019
Why my matcha won't dissolve how to dissolve green tea matcha powder for better taste

Why my matcha powder won't dissolve - Matcha tea sifter

Getting your matcha powder to dissolve is no easy task. Matcha is an incredibly superfine powder. When you brew matcha, you may find that the matcha powder won't dissolve easily.
on June 17, 2019
why does matcha taste bad

Why does my Matcha taste bad? Here's a few reasons why

Matcha tea mania is flourishing everywhere, it's nuts! If you've ever tasted matcha and you didn't like it, then there's a few reasons why, given that most of the matcha available on eBay and Amazon is of such low quality it's unreasonable to even call it matcha at all.
on May 27, 2019



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