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Tea Infuser Bottles, Portable Insulated Tea Tumblers & Travel Mug Buying Guide

Whether you're taking your tea with you on holidays or you're a person always on the go. Tea infuser bottles or insulated tea tumblers are a great way to brew tea without all the accessories. 

Tea infuser bottles are an all-in one solution and are perfect for people on the move and who don’t want the fuss of brewing tea in a teapot. 

Some of the most practical tea infuser bottles are the ones that have in-built tea infusers, so you can easily brew loose-leaf tea without having to transfer the steeped tea from the teapot into your teacup or mug.

The main features to look out for apart from styling, is how well the tumbler or travel mug can insulate the liquid contents inside the body.

Clever design and engineering have made it possible to keep your brews piping hot for up to 3 hours and cold drinks for up to 9 hours.


This comes down to the materials used such as some premium bottles using triple-walled insulation with vacuum seals, while some opt for double-walled thermal insulation.

You’ll also want to ensure that if your bottle is not made from glass or stainless steel, then check that the body is made from BPA free plastic. 

Key features to look for. 

We’ve done the hard work and picked out our favourite tea bottles that you can buy from our online store.

If you need to take your tea on the go...then the key features to look out for are:

  1.  Quality: Grade of materials used, food safe materials, overall build quality. 
  2. Durability: Can it sustain a fall from your kitchen bench top?
  3. Usability: In-built infuser, Easy to take with you? Heat and cold resistant making it comfortable to hold.
  4. Affordability: Quality comes at a price, but you get what you pay for!
TWISTea Vitantonio tea bottle infuser

The TWISTEA tea bottle infuser by Vitantonio is an ingenious must-have tea flask for people on the go. The heat-resistant, double-walled Tritan BPA free body has a twist mechanism that opens and closes a valve so that you can control the strength of the tea with a simple twist.

Vitantonio twistea components

This tea infuser bottle has a modular design, meaning you can unscrew all of the components and easily wash each part individually, however, it is not dishwasher safe. 

Vitantonio twistea tea infuser

The infuser sits at the base of the bottle and as its own small tank which is sealed off from the main body by a valve system. The idea is to fill the infuser with 2 teaspoons of your favourite loose leaf tea and then screw the bottom lid back on. 

Turn it around and then fill the main tank up to max marker with hot water. The double-wall body means you can hold the bottle without burning your hands. After filling the main tank, screw the main lid back on.

Finally, twist the bottom tank to open the valve. The water from the main tank will enter the bottom tank and the tea infusion begins. Shake the bottle around a bit to help with the infusion. Twist the valve shut to stop the tea from over steeping. Or open the valve to let the tea steep longer. 

Key Features & benefits

  • Controls strength of tea with a twist
  • 2 in 1 Tea bottle and tumbler, to use at anytime anywhere.
  • Heat resistant -20 to 100 degrees so you can brew hot or cold tea.
  • Includes stainless steel infuser
  • Keeps the tea leaves inside the bottle, so you can add more water to easily enjoy a second, third, forth teacup.
  • 380ml bottle made with Tritan BPA free
  • Designed in Florida USA, Made in China
  • Portable size that fits easily in your handbag, backpack or travel bag. 

HARIO filter-in bottle for cold brewing tea

The HARIO Filter-in bottle is an elegantly designed bottle with a built-in filter. Unlike other infuser tea bottles in the list, the HARIO's main purpose is for cold brewing teas.

In Japan, the process of cold brewing tea is called - MIZUDASHI.

Green tea has different tastes and physiological functions depending on the temperature of water when it is brewed.  Cold brewing Sencha for instance will result in less bitterness and astringency than hot brewed Sencha. 

Designed in the shape of a wine bottle the HARIO sits pretty in the fridge or at the dinner table. 

The standout feature of this model is the high-quality heatproof glass body. HARIO have been making heatproof glass since the company was established in 1921! So they certainly know a thing of two about heat-resistant glass.

Brewing tea is easy with the HARIO. Just add 3-4 teaspoons of your favourite loose leaf tea to the bottle. Fill the bottle up with filtered water and let it brew in the fridge for 3-6 hours. 

When the tea is prepared at a low temperature slowly, the tannin and caffeine will hardly dissolve into the water, and theanine, an amino acid, can be accentuated.

HARIO filter-in bottle filter

The silicon spout has a filter which means you can pour the contents of the bottle directly over a glass of ice and the tea filter will prevent the loose leaves transferring into your glass.

The HARIO filter-in bottle is great for brewing cold brew tea but is also an excellent choice for flavouring water with fruit.

Key Features & benefits

  • Made in Japan
  • Achieve tea's true rich and sweet flavours without the bitterness
  • Create rich tasting cold brewed tea overnight; or INFUSE other beverages with your favourite fruit or citrus
  • Large 750ml Bottle - enough to serve the whole family (1 - 6 cups)
  • Enjoy over ice

Corkcicle tumbler in Pink Sakura Japan limited edition bottle
Corkcicle have definitely solved the problem of keeping your favourite iced drinks colder for longer and your lovely hot brews hotter for longer. 


Well they are one of the very few tumbler manufacturers that have upped the ante by constructing a 3-layer structure to retain heat for up to 3 hours and cold retention for 9 hours or more!

One of the standout features of the Corkcicle tumblers and drink canteens are the beautifully themed designs that are printed on the vessels. 

Some of their tumblers and canteen bottles are somewhat collectible as they only produce limited runs of a certain model. 

These tumblers are not equiped with tea infusers or filters, so the main function is to transfer your favourite hot or cold beverages and provide long lasting sustained temperature. 

Corkcicle insulated canteen drink bottle white sakura limited edition japan

Key Features & benefits

  • Designed in USA
  • Triple-walled stainless steel insulated cup.
  • Keeps drinks cold for 9 hours or hot for 3.
  • Tumbler version has a sliding, shatterproof lid.
  • Slip-proof bottom.
  • Unique limited run designs making them desirable and collectible. 

What happens when you combine function with tradition Japanese art? The result is this lovely MAKI-E stainless steel insulated tumbler. 

The outer shell of the tumbler is made from ABS resin. Between the outer ABS layer and the inner stainless steel body lies a decorative insert using an ancient Japanese technique called maki-e.

maki-e stainless steel japanese tumbler with geisha print
Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique in which pictures, patterns, and letters are hand-drawn with lacquer on the surface of lacquerware, and then metal powder such as gold or silver is sprinkled and fixed on the surface of the lacquerware.

The technique was developed mainly in the Heian Period (794–1185) and blossomed in the Edo Period (1603–1868). Maki-e objects were initially designed as household items for court nobles; they soon gained more popularity and were adopted by royal families and military leaders as a symbol of power.

maki-e geisha design stainless steel tumbler
This maki-e inspired tumbler holds 350 ml of liquid and does an excellent job of sustaining the temperature of your desired brew for a few hours. It is a medium size tumbler and great travelling companion.

Key Features & benefits

  • Hand-painted by lacquerware artists in Japan
  • Double wall construction for greater insulation
  • Leak proof cap fo easy sipping
  • Made in Japan
  • High grade 18/8 stainless steel inner body
  • Outer shell is made with ABS resin

The Handy Tea Maker is a simple way to brew a single serve cup of tea on-the-go. The polypropylene mesh strainer can be used with any type of tea or infusion while the borosilicate glass cup and silicone grip means you can enjoy your brew straight away.

In addition to Japanese green tea, black tea and herbal tea can be brewed as well. By flipping the lid, it becomes a tray for the tea strainer after use.

The all-in-one design includes a tea infuser, a glass cup, and a lid to make enjoying tea a simple, fun event. Just add tea, fill with water, and steep for a couple minutes. So easy!

Hario handy tea maker travel mug in olive green

Key Features & benefits

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Resistant (120 degrees Celsius)
  • 200ml capacity
  • Lid becomes a stand for strainer 
  • Made in Japan

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