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Joy, in a nutshell, is what emanates when you see the bright bold work by the Japanese dynamic duo Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai.

Kata Kata Japanese artisian furoshiki artists

Creatively known as Kata Kata, they are contemporary artisans who continue the great Japanese dyeing tradition.

Together they forge modern playful depictions of animals and landscapes in an array of vivid hues.

Their work has extended to interiors, clothing and stationery, but their artistry with fabrics and in particular furoshiki is what we marvel at

Clothwork reimagined

Their textile craftsmanship is undeniable and their exploration of colour is pure delight. 

Their graphic style makes quiet references to the lines, shapes and bold colours made famous by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai in his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

Kata Kata breathes new life into this tradition by exploring vibrant, soft harmonious colour schemes that suggest sentiments of innocence and delicacy.

Their stylised use of line, shape, colour and symbols explore quaint fables like narratives. 

Furoshiki gift ideas for everyday life

Japanese culture is a tradition that prides itself in expressing sensitivity to nature. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Kata Kata's imagery solely depicts animated animals and plants. 

The subtle and carefully crafted interactions between animals and their landscape reveal the intricate balance and harmony of coexistence.

The stories explored inKata Kata's prints are indicative of Shinto beliefs that life and energy runs through all things. Kata Kata’s imagery are reminders of nature’s beauty and how codependency is unyielding.

A message that rings more prominently in recent years.

A day in the life of animals in their natural habitat

Kata Kata's furoshikis explore how all animals big or small need to create mutual alliances to prevail in fragile eco communities.

The Kata Kata Pink Crocodile design brings to mind how awesome the plover bird and crocodile relationship is. 

One of the world’s most ferocious creatures relying on one of the world’s most dainty animals for grooming. 

In Kata Kata Gorilla we are reminded of how vulnerable not only gorillas are due to habitat degradation but also other minor animals. 

The gorilla’s direct gaze pleads with the viewer and its gentle nature is emphasised by how affectionately it holds a petite bird in its hand.

104 Kata Kata Sea Otter Blue brings cheer to all with its myriad of otters care-freely swimming and playing in the water. Their affection for their young and playfulness is infectious. 

Thoughtful gifts to cheer 

Kata Kata's designs can only be described as spirited and endearing. Their work explores idyllic scenes that celebrate life and make wonderful gifts for those young and young at heart.

The attention to the design of the furoshiki is reflective of the spirit and thought process in which one has purchased the gift. The designs are striking and they make great wall hangings, furniture coverings or carry bags.

Kata Kata's  eco-friendly imagery and the non-disposable nature of their furoshikis can be genuinely appreciated by anyone who is passionate about protecting our environment. 

View our KATA KATA Furoshiki range and explore the array of wonderful Kata Kata textiles and the various other traditional furoshikis Purematcha has to offer.

Written by Stephanie Famularo

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