Where to Buy Matcha in Perth (Best Cafes)

Are you looking to get your matcha fix in Perth, Western Australia?

Well you've come to right place!

This page is dedicated to the matcha cafes and retailers which are whisking up the best matcha lattes, matcha desserts right in the beautiful city of Perth.

Want to try ceremonial grade matcha at home?

In case you're looking to buy matcha online for yourself at home, then rest assured we can deliver the best tasting Japanese matcha right to your door. 

We are Sydney based and we can deliver our highest grade of matcha right to your door in WA in 3-5 days via Express parcel post, or 7-10 days via standard parcel post. 

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Tien Tien Yoghurt

We all know that bubble tea has been all the craze for sometime now. But have you ever tried Matcha yoghurt or even Hojicha yoghurt? 

Well there's no time like now. Tien Tien Yoghurt in Perth have one of the largest yoghurt menus we've ever seen. 

Their mantra is to produce highly nutritious yoghurts which are far healthier than high sugar bubble teas. 

If you have a thing for matcha, then make sure you try the Matcha Yoghurt and the Matcha Red Bean Yoghurt. If you're feeling a bit cheesy, then go for the Matcha Nut Cream Cheese. YUM!


The Park Centre

Shop 48/789 Albany Hwy

Perth, 6101

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Tien Tien Yoghurt Buy Matcha Perth

Rasin Bakery

The Rasin Bakery at Shenton Park WA offers a delicious French-Japanese fusion of bread and baked goods created onsite through a unique fruit based fermentation technique.

This technique is known as “Ten’nen kōbo” in Japanese, which directly translates as “wild yeast bread”.

They also serve up delicious coffees and even matcha lattes.


4a/155 Onslow Road

Shenton Park 6008

Perth, Western Australia

(08) 9380 4530


Open Tuesday to Sunday

7am – 2pm

Monday & Public Holidays


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Rasin Bakery Matcha Buns filled with matcha butter cream Matcha perth

Whisk Creamery

Serving up some of the best handcrafted Gelato's in Perth, the Whisk Creamery in Northbridge have an amazing variety of yummy gelato's and milkshakes for you to try. 

Each flavour is curated by their own pastry chefs using vegan dairy free sorbet. Not only that, they are probably the most instagramable gelato specialty shop around.

Their matcha milkshake and matcha red bean gelato 


246 William Street


Perth, Western Australia

08 9227 7041


Tue: 12pm - 10.30pm

Fri to Sat: 12pm - 11.30pm

Sun: 12pm - 10.30pm

Mon, Wed, Thu: 12pm- 10.30pm

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Matcha Creamery matcha gelato red bean matcha perth australia

Pachi Pachi

Pachi Pachi in Victoria Park have an Asian food menu thats packed full of flavour and quality ingredients.

If you're in need of something cold and refreshing than try their matcha frappes or Iced Yuzu matcha tea for a treat. 


608 Albany Highway,

Victoria Park, 6100

​Western Australia

08 9472 0088


Tue: 12pm - 10.30pm

Fri to Sat: 12pm - 11.30pm

Sun: 12pm - 10.30pm

Mon, Wed, Thu: 12pm- 10.30pm

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pachi pachi matcha frappe perth matcha australia

Kopi Seru

Kopi Seru is an Indonesian, French inspired pâtisserie in Como, WA. All Kopi Seru desserts are designed and made in-house daily using the freshest ingredients.

They combine their love for Asian flavours with classic French pastry techniques to produce cakes with an elegant balance of texture and flavour.


4/10 Preston Street,

Como WA 6152


Monday to Friday

6:30am - 2:00pm

Saturday to Sunday

7:30am - 2:00pm

Closed Public Holidays

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Matcha Mousse with Black Sesame matcha powder perth

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