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How to store matcha and japanese green tea

What is the best way to store matcha and Japanese green tea?

I love opening a freshly sealed bag of green tea and inhaling the contents. 

The soothing fragrances of sweet fresh cut grass, chestnut, sweet potato come to mind - 

all the characteristics of a farm fresh tea. 

But how do you retain that freshness once you‚Äôve opened the bag? 

Once the seal is broken, oxidation deteriorates the tea‚Äôs nutrients such as catechins and vitamins and your precious tea is on a countdown timer. 

Matcha for example is very delicate stuff. It doesn’t like heat, it doesn't like air, and it doesn’t like light.

Here is a picture that I took where I left the matcha powder sample on the right near the window-seal to see what 24 hours of light and air would do.

matcha oxidation change in colour

As you can see, the change in colour is remarkable! 

It just goes to show how important it is to use a top quality storage solution for your tea. 

Loose leaf tea and Matcha are primarily sold in resealable bags or tin canisters and these do a great job of retaining the freshness of the tea. 

However, there are other options that not only keep you tea and coffee safe, but also look fantastic on the kitchen shelf.

You could transfer your high-quality matcha tea into a purpose built airtight tea canister

These suction compression TYTE tea canisters are the perfect accessory for storing Matcha and here is why.

Matcha is highly absorbent when it comes to smell. Meaning it will absorb any flavour that’s close by or if it is left in the same container or cupboard and there isn’t a tight seal between them.

These beautiful wood-wrapped tea canisters are made from steel, so unlike some canisters that are made of plastic and have some manufacturing smell. 

These canisters have zero smell!

But the standout feature of these canisters is the innovative rubber seal lid. 

airtight odour proof tea canister wrapped in wood.
TYTE japanese made wood tea caddy

When closed correctly, you will hear an audible ‚ÄúClick‚ÄĚ as the lid is compressed and sealed with the canister body.

The click confirms that the air has been sucked out and the contents protected from oxidation.

These TYTE canisters are great for storing matcha powder, hojicha powder and even coffee grounds.

Alternatively, if you require more volume to store loose leaf teas and coffee beans, then you may want to consider Japanese made 200g Washi tea canisters

Washi is traditional Japanese paper made using fibres from inner bark. It is generally tougher than ordinary paper and has a beautiful smooth surface. 

The best Japanese tea canisters are made predominately by hand. Tin plated steel is hand cut then rolled into cylindrical shape with a special machine. 

Washi paper designs are hand-dyed by the maker then hand-wrapped around the tin-plated steel body. 

The best tea canisters have both an outer and inner tin lid for the ultimate airtight seal and strength. 

Washi tea canister handmade japan
Washi tea canister handmade japan


Slow down the oxidation process of your tea by selecting an airtight storage solution that prevents light from attacking your precious tea. 

Chose the right size tea canister that meets the volume of the contents you want to fill it with. 

Finally, store your tea in a cool, dry place and definitely out of direct sunlight!

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