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50g EISAI Uji Organic CEREMONIAL GRADE Matcha - matcha tea powder
EISAI Ceremonial grade organic matcha powder Australia by Pure Matcha
EISAI Ceremonial grade organic matcha australia matcha shot


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Purematcha's 50g ceremonial grade matcha is respectfully named after the Buddhist monk EISAI who is renowned for being the first person to introduce powdered green tea to Japan. Our EISAI matcha is made from only the first harvested tea which comes from the first buds of the year and has a very mild, almost sweet-like taste. 

Purematcha's EISAI ceremonial matcha is very high grade. It is sourced from ground Tencha grown on an organic farm in Uji Japan. The farm uses natural predators to remove any insects which would eat the leaf such as Praying Mantis, ladybugs and spiders.

During the growing of the tea leaves the plants are shaded from the sun for at least 20 days. This causes the leaf to increase chlorophyll production which gives you that bright green colour and associated health benefits.

The Tencha is then stored for many months in a cool environment to age before grinding. If you miss out on this step then the matcha will be lightweight and pale instead of dark and robust.

This is premium ceremonial grade matcha green tea made from JAS certified organic green tea and compared with other matcha brands we are confident that there is no better matcha at this price.

Each resealable pack will provide a minimum of 50 shots of matcha which works out at about 60cents per day for an immensely healthy habit. Matcha is a very affordable way to improve health easily.

All Purematcha teas adhere to the JAS Certification which is the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and is maintained by the Japanese government.

The JAS organic seal ensures food safety with the highest Japanese certification standards, giving consumers confidence.

JAS Certified

Independently tested in Australia

The safety of our organic matcha green tea is our absolute #1 concern, so we randomly test for contaminants including radiation, ensuring none of the bad stuff gets through.

Cesium 134 (<2 Bq/kg): Not Detected ✓ 
Cesium 137 (<2 Bq/kg): Not Detected ✓ 

Sample test date: 13th August 2019.
Report reference: FA19-089 

Purematcha Green tea powder has been screened by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) for Cs-137 and Cs-134 and was found to be below levels of detection. Testing was performed on a customer supplied sample, and this test result is applicable to the supplied sample and may not be indicative of future or previously supplied product. Outside of these observations made in respect to radiation dose, no warranty is made with regard to the product generally.