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Where to Buy Matcha in Sydney, NSW

Are you wondering where you can buy Matcha in Sydney? Here are our top recommended Matcha cafes in Sydney serving the best Matcha lattes, Matcha desserts and other Matcha treats.


When buying Matcha tea online you're spoiled for choices when it comes to selecting your home matcha brew. But if you're away from home and wondering where you can buy Matcha at a cafe near you, then we've got you covered. 

Here is a growing list of Matcha Sydney cafes where you can buy matcha latte, matcha ice cream, matcha crepes, matcha tarts, matcha noodles. The cafe's below demonstrate how versatile matcha can actually be!

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49 Belgrave Street, Bronte, NSW, 2024

+61 421 786 009

Trading hours
Monday — Saturday, 8am — 6pm (2:30pm for coffee)

Sunday 11am — 4pm (3pm for coffee)


Broth Bar & Larder is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts seeking nourishing and wholesome options. Their mission is to bring nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods back to the modern table for vibrant health and longevity. Famous for their variety of broths (chicken, beef, fish or vegetable) that you can opt to flavour up with ingredients such as coconut milk, ginger, cumin and more.

The hot drink menu features our very own EISAI ceremonial organic matcha powder that is served in true latte art form. 

Need something more refreshing, then try their ceremonial grade iced matcha latte for an instant pick-me up. 

Our pick - Ceremonial Grade Matcha Latte 

Broth Bar & Larder Organic Ceremonial Matcha Latte

77 Nelson Street, Annandale, NSW, 2038


Trading hours
Tuesday - Sunday , 8am — 3pm 

Monday - Closed


524 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042


Trading hours
Tuesday to Friday 12pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm


COMECO foods in Newtown, Sydney are known for their delicious menu of Japanese gluten, vegan and dairy free menu. Their delicious fluffy rice bread doesn't use any food additives. You can't stop by COMECO without tasting their famous doughnuts which have been fermented for 48 hours using gluten-free sourdough born from organic brown rice. The organic matcha custard doughnut is a must try! Compliments perfectly with a matcha latte

Our pick - Organic matcha custard doughnut 

Comeco Foods Japanese Cafe in Newtown Sydney dish of sourdough doughnuts

Shop 11, 501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9266 0667

Trading hours
Monday to Friday 9.30am-10pmSaturday and Sunday 10am-10pm


matcha ice cream sundae

Oh! Matcha is a specialty matcha cafe with a massive selection of matcha lattes, cappuccinos and sweet matcha desserts to satisfy your matcha fix.

Our pick - Try the Matcha ice cream and black sesame soft serve. 

NW.05 10 Steam Mill Lane, Haymarket, NSW

Trading hours
Sunday-Thursday / 12:00PM ~ 10:00PM(LAST ORDER 9:30PM)Friday-Saturday / 12:00PM ~ 10:30PM(LAST ORDER 10:00PM)


matcha parfait

A well fitted out cafe in the new(ish) Steam Mill Lane. Friendly staff with a spacious cafe with seating both inside and out. The cafe serves matcha teas, desserts and even matcha udon and rice bowls.

Our pick - Try the Matcha Parfait.


4 Pitt Street, Redfern, Sydney

Trading hours

Monday to Friday 7:00am - 4pmSaturday to Sunday 8:00am - 4pm



matcha lemington

Low key cafe set in an unassuming former terrace house in Redfern. Run by Chef Kentaro Kenny Takayama. This cafe is famous for its matcha lamingtons. They serve some of the best matcha lattes in town too.

Our pick - Try the Matcha Lamingtons.


3/310 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Trading hours

Sunday to Sunday 8am-3pm



cafe cre asion matcha tart

Cafe Cre Asion is renowned for their fine selection of quality home-baked matcha treats and innovative dishes. This Sydney based matcha cafe brings the treats of Japan to Sydney. The Creasion menu has a good range of Matcha dishes and matcha is used across so many dishes on the Creasion menu proving it's versatility once again. 

Our pick: Matcha tart


Kelco House, Lobby/364 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

Trading hours

Monday to Friday 7am - 4pmClosed weekends



kahii matcha latte

Japanese inspired cafe with a simple and changeable menu. Kahii's Katsu rolls, matcha lattes are the crowd favorites. Kahii Sydney is one of our favourite cafes and there are a bunch of reasons on the menu why it could become your favourite Matcha Sydney cafe too!From the Kahii Sydney menu try the following:

Our pick: Matcha latte


5/6 Discovery Point Pl, Wolli Creek NSW 2205

Trading hours

Monday to Friday 6am - 6pm

Saturday 6am - 4pm

Sunday 6am - 3pm



the impression bakery matcha croissant

Top Impression Bakery Cafe is located directly opposite the Wolli Creek train station, making this cafe super convenient. Famous for its matcha croissants that are filled with a creamy matcha custard. The Top Impression Bakery Cafe will definitely leave you with a top lasting impression.From the top impression bakery cafe Menu try the following:

Our pick: Matcha Croissant


Regent Place Arcade,501 George Street, CBD, Sydney

Trading hours

Monday to Sunday 2pm - 9pm



uncle tetsus matcha tart

The smell of fresh baking Japanese cakes is irresistible with this popular Japanese bakery. You'll find Matcha tarts, matcha crepes and many other matcha sweet varieties. The waiting line can be long at times but it's well worth the wait!

Our pick: Matcha Tart


616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney 

Trading hours 

Monday - Saturday 7am - 4pmSunday 8am - 3pm 



cafe kentaro

Rustic Japanese cafe located on the quieter southern end of Bourke Street in Surry Hills. They are self proclaimed matcha experts and rightly so. Plenty of Japanese fusion dishes on the menu alongside refreshing Matcha beverages such as the the Matcha thickshake.

Our pick: Matcha French Toast.


11 Alberta Street 

Trading hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 4pmSaturday 7am - 2pm



blaq piq matcha latte green tea

Indonesian-inspired cafe serves fantastic brunch numbers including a pandan buttermilk pancake and a potato hash with sautéed greens. Matcha wise though you’ll want to order an ice-blended latte, which boasts a sweet fragrant hit with a kick of green tea.


Shop 5/492-500 Elizabeth Street,Surry Hills, Sydney

Trading hours 

Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 4pm



meet mica matcha lava french toast

Japanese fusion cafe set in Surry Hills and headed by Mica Chan. Famous for their Matcha Lava French Toast which is a must try when visiting this delightful cafe. 

Our pick: Matcha Lava French Toast

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