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How to store Matcha

How to store Matcha

Matcha is a very delicate Japanese green tea. Like all natural substances it can very quickly degrade in flavour and nutrients when exposed to its 5 natural enemies. Never leave an open container of Matcha on your kitchen bench. Within a few hours the vibrant electrifying green colour that top quality Matcha is known for will start losing colour and change to an earthy yellowish colour.

The 5 Matcha Enemies

1. Heat

2. Humidity

3. Light

4. Smell

5. Air

Tip 1 - Store Matcha in an air tight container

Matcha's number 1 enemy is oxygen. The oxidisation process deteriorates the green tea's nutrients such as the catechins and vitamins and it is for this reason we always recommend storing your matcha in an air tight container.

Our Purematcha pouches contain a zip lock mechanism to keep the air out of your Matcha. We advise our customers to expel the air inside the pouch by squeezing the air out from the bottom of the pouch until all the air is removed from the pouch then use the zip lock to seal the pouch. 

Tip 2 - Store Matcha in the fridge

Heat and humidity can also have an adverse effect on Matcha. If you live in a hot and humid place, then our recommendation is to store your Matcha in the fridge. You need to be mindful that Matcha is also very susceptible to smell. To prevent your Matcha from tasting like last night's dinner we suggest that you expel the air out of the Matcha pouch first and then store your matcha in an air tight container. 

Tip 3 - Store Matcha away from sunlight

Ever wonder what gives Matcha its vibrant green colour? Our Purematcha is shade grown for 30 days to produce more chlorophyll and antioxidant content. The shade increases the amount of chlorophyll content in the leaves, which is what makes them bright green and full of nutrients. Sunlight helps the matcha plant grow to produce the chlorophyll, however, light will also destroy the matcha once the Matcha is processed. We recommend storing your Matcha in a dark place and away from sunlight such as your kitchen shelf. Either store it your pantry cupboard or in a (not clear) container inside the fridge. 

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