Matcha Whisk (CHASEN) - A Video Guide to How it's Made

How a Bamboo Matcha Whisk is Made

Ever wondered how a Bamboo Matcha Whisk is made? This video guide demonstrates the traditional art handed down for the past hundred years and made with the spirit of crafting without compromising. 

How a Japanese Bamboo Matcha Whisk is Handmade

A Matcha Whisk is intricately carved by hand from one piece of aged bamboo.Shaped from a single rod of bamboo into a 80-100 tine whisk that, for all modern advances, we've had no reason to replace?

This Japanese Chasen-craftsman shows exactly what goes into the process.It's mesmerising to watch how the craftsman meticulously shapes the bamboo whisk to form.

First, the bamboo's tender inner flesh is removed to make the hollow tube more brittle. Then, using the natural grains of the wood, the maker splits it with a carbon steel knife into a series of matchstick-like spokes.

Bamboo Whisk (CHASEN)
Bamboo Matcha Tea Set

From there the bamboo is whittled down even more—the sides scraped down to be as thin as paper, the spokes split into infinitesimally smaller tines—and with delicate flicks of the wrist, those tines are then curled into that iconic trapezoidal shape.

There're different kinds of Chasen for different uses. The more tips (prongs) it has, the better froth you will get. Typically Chasen with more prongs is meant for Usucha - thin tea, and the one with less prongs is meant for Koicha - thick tea.

Matcha Whisk FAQs

Why whisk Matcha tea powder?

Matcha powder is not soluble in water. Matcha is ultra fine tiny particles of ground tea leaves. Unlike other powder mixes, Matcha won't dissolve easily and it actually remains suspended in water. The process of whisking matcha releases its flavours otherwise called aerating. When fresh Matcha is whisked correctly  it will create a foamy layer (Crema) on the surface. 

Can I whisk Matcha with a fork?

You can, but a fork won't extract the best flavours out of the green tea. 

Can I whisk Matcha with a spoon?

You can, but a spoon won't extract the best flavours out of the green tea.

How to Whisk Matcha?

Hold the Matcha bowl firmly. Start by whisking in a circular motion. Then transition into a up and down motion as if to make a W shape.

How to clean a Matcha Whisk?

How to prolong the life of your Matcha Whisk?

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