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preparation time

30 MIN

cook time

3 HR

total time

3H 30MIN



Matcha Cheesecake recipe

How to make matcha cheesecake (No BAke)

This easy-to-follow matcha cheesecake recipe shows step by step how to make a delicious, rich and creamy matcha cheesecake.

We're using our own ceremonial grade matcha powder to achieve that vibrant green matcha result. The taste and colour is delicious and amazing! 


  • 100g Digestive biscuits
  • 40g Butter
  • 5g Gelatine (powder)
  • 200g Cream cheese
  • 100g Natural greek yogurt
  • 65g Sugar
  • 200g Whipping cream
  • 8g Ceremonial matcha (For vibrant green result!)
  • 20mls Milk


1. Add 100g of digestive biscuits in a snap lock bag and crush to fine crumbs.

2. Melt 40g of butter in a microwave or pot

3. Add crushed biscuits and butter and mix well

4. Line base of cake tin with cling wrap and pour the biscuit mix into the cake tin. 

5. Flatten the biscuit crumbs in the cake tin until flat to form an even base

6. Soak 5g of gelatine and 25ml of water and stir well until gelatine dissolves

7. Add 200g of cream cheese to a bowl and mash until it becomes mallable

8. Add 100g of greek yoghurt to the bowl with cream cheese and mix

9. Add 65g of sugar to the cream cheese and greek yoghurt mix and stir until smooth

10. Add gelatine mix to a hot bowl and stir until dissolved.

11. Add gelatine mix to the cream cheese mix and mix well until combined and smooth

12. Add 200g of whipping cream to a new bowl

13. Beat cream until it thickens and forms ribbons

14. Add the thickened cream to the cheesecake batter

15. Pour half of the cheesecake batter into the cake tin and spread evenly

16. Place cake tin into the freeze and let set for 20 min

17. Sift 8g of matcha powder into a tea bowl.

18. Add 20ml of warm milk into the bowl with matcha powder.

19. Whisk matcha and milk until mixed well.

20. Add matcha to the remaining cheese cake batter

21. Mix well

22. Take cake tin from the freezer and check that the base is rim.

23. Pour matcha cheesecake batter into cake tin

24. Place cake tin into freezer for 3 -4hr or until set. 

25. Allow cheesecake to stay in the 

26. Enjoy

matcha cheesecake ViDEO RECIPE(No BAke)

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