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Browse our collection of Japanese teapots, Iwachu cast iron teapots and temperature-controlled kettles to extract the best flavours of your favourite green teas. Most of our Kyusu's are handmade by Japanese craftsmen using century-old techniques making each tea pot truly unique. We offer a variety of teapots in different sizes, styles and finishes to make every tea brewing experience a memorable one. We ship directly from Sydney Australia and take extra care in packaging each prized vessel to ensure they arrive at your home safely.

Product Listing (20)

AKIRA Large Tokoname Japanese Teapot Kyusu (900ml)


Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutaniyaki Japanese Teapot (360ml)


HIRAMARU Tokoname Japanese Teapot (190ml)


Tokoname Direct Flame Teapot (Brown)


HARIO V60 Buono Variable Temperature Kettle




TAMAKO Kutani Tokoname Sakura Japanese Teapot (270ml)


NAMBU Tetsubin Direct Flame Cast Iron Teapot


IWACHU Cast Iron Kettle