Furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth mt fuji yellow
FUROSHIKI Yellow Mt Fuji Wrapping Cloth
FUROSHIKI Yellow Mt Fuji Wrapping Cloth
FUROSHIKI Yellow Mt Fuji Wrapping Cloth
FUROSHIKI Yellow Mt Fuji Wrapping Cloth
Furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth mt fuji yellow
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FUROSHIKI Yellow Mt Fuji Wrapping Cloth


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 Made in Japan
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This fun cotton wrap measures 48cm x 48cm and depicts Mt. Fuji, a turtle and a crane. According to Japanese folklore the crane lives a thousand years and the turtle for a hundred so these symbols signify luck, longevity, fortune, happiness and prosperity. Use it to wrap a special gift, as a funky side table covering, make it into a cushion or just hang it on the wall and admire it.

Click image to download How to Furoshiki PDF How to Furoshiki instructions


Hand-made in Japan this 100% cotton Furoshiki is a small wrapping cloth that can be used as a means to carry your Matcha utensils or to wrap small gifts that leave a stunning and personalised impression. 

FUKU COCHAE has a Japanese lucky charm (happy motif) printed on a Furoshiki. These unique patterns create enjoyment in opening and wrapping. The face that is seen changes depending on the method of the wrapping.

This series brings a smile to everyday life and a playful Japanese spirit.

Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Country of manufacturer: Japan

Furoshiki is a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper. It is versatile, reusable and the most heart warming way to offer gifts.

Our manufacturer MUSUBI have been selling furoshiki in Kyoto since 1937. Over time they have collaborated with fashion labels, traditional hand wood block artists and Origami artists to produce an eclectic range of traditional and contemporary prints. 

Made For Wrapping

MUSUBI use high grade fabrics carefully selected for the main purpose of object wrapping. The material is strong and weighted accordingly to ensure easy folding and knot tying. 

2 Gifts as One

Wrapping gifts in furoshiki is a stunning way to increase not only the product value but also the sentimental value of a gift offering.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic bags are well-known for destroying our planet. A large size furoshiki means that you can easily create a functional shopping bag that is completely reusable over and over again. 

How to Furoshiki 

Furoshiki gift wrapping is fun and easy. 

Furoshiki is so versatile that it can be used as an every day bag or even to dress up an ordinary looking tissue box. Best of all, the Furoshiki is durable, re-usable and eco-friendly! 

S (48 - 50cm) - Usage: Books, bento box, lunch box, tissue box, face mask

M (68 x 70cm) - Usage: Wine bottles, gift box

L (90 - 120cm) - Usage: Wall art, clutch bag, shoulder bag, large gift box

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