Japanese Teapots and Teacups

Shop our collection of Japanese handmade teapots, tetsubins and teacups. We have many styles and sizes to choose from. Fast and free shipping on orders $50 and over Australia wide.

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Great Wave Off Kanagawa Porcelain Japanese Teacup


Seven Gods Of Japan Porcelain Japanese Teacup


Tokoname Direct Flame Teapot (Brown)


Japanese Mugs in Paulowina Gift Box (Minoware)


Plum Blossom Japanese Teapot (HASAMI-YAKI)


IWACHU Cast Iron Kettle


YUZEN 5 Piece Japanese Teacup set in Paulowina Gift Box


TOKONAME KOSUMOSU Kyusu Japanese Tea Pot


TOKONAME Yuzamashi (Water cooler)