NEW Genmaicha Matcha powder tea (100g) arrives end of October

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👉 100g full size packet to enjoy multiple delicious tea infusions. 

👉 Premium grade using first harvest matcha powder and organic brown rice for a rich umami mouthful with cereal and nutty notes. 

👉 Blended by an award winning tea master.

👉 JAS certified organic and free from pesticides and chemical fertlisers.

👉 Can be enjoyed as a pure tea or mixed with your choice of milk for a hot or iced latte

✅ Vegan friendly

✅ Gluten free

✅ Sugar free

✅ JAS certified organic. 

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About this tea:

Farm direct from Shizuoka Japan, this highly aromatic tea is a 51 / 49 blend of rich premium grade matcha and roasted brown rice milled to a fine powder form.

It can be used to make a delicious Genmaicha Latte with forward notes of cereal and roasted nut flavours shining through.

Those who enjoy savoury, nutty flavours will love this tea. It can be best described as dipping a rice cracker into a rich bowl of matcha tea. 

Blended by an award wining tea master using premium grade matcha means that it can also be enjoyed as pure tea (just water, powder and whisked). 

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