Matcha Christmas hamper set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Ceremonial grade matcha
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set
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Matcha Christmas Hamper Gift Set

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Do you know someone who is a lover for all things Matcha? This Matcha hamper gift set is full of handmade high quality utensils, our finest organic ceremonial matcha along with some delicious Matcha sweeteners to serve after a tea ceremony.

Do you know a real life Matcha head? Surprise them this festive season with this large Matcha gift hamper that includes everything from our finest ceremonial grade matcha to our ever popular confectionary items. 

1. Cast iron 500ml tea pot
The benefits of using a cast iron teapot is that they are extremely durable and will last for generations! They have an excellent ability to retain heat. Made of specially purified cast iron, they are a symbol of strength and unity.

Cast iron teapots have been traditionally used in grand tea ceremonies across Japan, dating back to the 17th centuries. Prized for it's ability to enhance the flavours and aromas of tea, cast iron teapots assist in intensifying the flavours and aromas and are the perfect vessel for boiling water and steeping tea.

2. 50g Eisai Organic Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha
Our ceremonial grade organic Matcha is made only from the very selected first-harvested tea, called shincha, which comes from the first buds of the year, and has the very mild, almost sweet-like taste. For this reason, this grade is suitable for such occasions as the tea ceremony and the special invitation.

3. Hand made Ceramic Matcha Bowl - MADE IN JAPAN
This beautifully designed matcha bowl is specially made for whisking matcha to create the smooth, frothy consistency loved by tea enthusiasts. The HIKARU traditional matcha bowl has a large base so that you can easily whisk your matcha without the mess.

4. Matcha Bamboo Whisk
Our 100 prong bamboo whisk is designed and hand crafted from a single piece of pure white bamboo, the Chasen is a fine example of Japanese function and form.

5. Matcha Whisk Holder
Maintain the perfect shape of your bamboo whisk with this hand made ceramic whisk holder. The ceramic whisk holder ensures that your bamboo matcha whisk dries throughly between uses.

6. Matcha Sieve
This stainless steel matcha tea sieve (FURUI) is an essential item for making frothy smooth matcha tea. Sift your matcha to remove clumps and also to allow the matcha powder to dissolve easier in water.

7. Matcha Bamboo Scoop
Serve the perfect portion of matcha powder with this hand carved from bamboo scoop, the traditional Chashaku is a work of art that is present at every traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, as well as many matcha drinking households in Japan and beyond.

8. Pocky green tea Matcha sticks
These famously popular Matcha Pocky sticks make the perfect after-tea sweet snack. Each biscuit stick is coated with a layer of sweet chocolate that has been flavoured with real Matcha green tea from Japan.

9. Nestle Matcha Kit Kats
Matcha KitKat Otona Amasa is one of Japan's most popular and most unique sweet treats with this share pack of matcha green tea flavoured KitKats.

10. Woven storage box (Colour may vary) 
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