Blue Vine Matcha Ceremonial Tea Set - Purematcha
Blue Vine Matcha Ceremonial Tea Set - Purematcha
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Blue Vine Matcha Ceremonial Tea Set

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Our Blue Vine ceremonial matcha tea set is the perfect gift for brewing, preparing and enjoying matcha. This matcha tea set includes all the utensils required to make matcha green tea like a true tea master. 

The ceremonial tea set is an ideal gift for beginners as a starter kit or even long-time matcha connoisseurs that really enjoy the art of traditional Japanese tea ceremony at home. 

The ceremonial matcha tea set includes:

  1. 50g Eisai Organic Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha
  2. Handmade Ceramic Blue Vine Matcha Bowl
  3. Matcha Bamboo Whisk
  4. Matcha Whisk Holder
  5. Matcha Sieve
  6. Matcha Bamboo Scoop

The Complete Matcha Experience

Our Blue Vine Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set includes a 50g pouch of Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

Our ceremonial grade organic 'Eisai' Matcha is made only from the very selected first-harvested tea, called shincha, which comes from the first buds of the year, and has the very mild, almost sweet-like taste. This matcha is rich in amino acids, which is the body's defence against illnesses. 

One of the most important tools for making frothy, smooth and creamy Matcha is the Bamboo Whisk. Handcrafted from natural bamboo, its 100 pongs can produce the perfect cup of matcha. A Ceramic whisk stand is also included in the matcha tea set and is great for drying you whisk, but for also retaining the shape of the whisk and improve the whisk's longevity. 

A handmade ceramic Blue Vine art Matcha Bowl is also part of the tea set and is a beautiful piece of ceramic that can be used to serve the matcha. A bamboo scoop is also included along with a matcha fine sift which is also an essential item for preparing the finest tasting matcha tea.