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Purematcha Japanese Matcha Tea Set Giveaway


Included in the set:

1. BANKO-YAKI Teapot (700ml)

2. 2x KOHIKI Brush Stroke Tea Cups (150ml)

3. Organic Yamabuki Nadeshiko (100g)

4. Organic Sencha Gold First Flush (100g)

5. Pure Matcha Trio Ceremonial Sample Pack (30g)

6. Washi Wrapped Fuji Tea Canister (200g)

7. Japanese Flowers Incense With Stand 

8. Chestnut Wood Spoon

This Chado set is a tea lovers dream come true. It includes a Banko-Yaki teapot with two matching tea cups all of which are handmade in Japan. 

You can use this tea pot to brew our new release Yamabuki Nadeshiko which is likened to a Pu-erh style of tea due to it's patented fermented processing. Or you can switch back to our classic Sencha Gold tea with its buttery notes for cup after cup of pure enjoyment. 

Our popular Pure Matcha Trio is also included and is the best way to compare three ceremonial grade organic teas back to back. 

Store you favourite tea in the included premium Japanese tea canister. Wrapped in smooth warm washi paper, tea storage has never looked this good!

The set also contains a tea spoon hand-carved out of chestnut wood to scoop the perfect amount of tea for your day to day tea brewing. 

Finally, reset your space and your mind with the calming aroma of pure Japanese incense. Low smoke and slow burn means you can feel the purity and calming essence every time you light a stick. 

Lighting incense and drinking tea is the perfect combination to soothe your mind, body and soul. 

Best of luck from the team at Purematcha!

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