Furoshiki Japanese Wrapping Cloths

Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth that has been used for wrapping for over 1200 years in Japan. The word Furoshiki came about during the Edo period (1603 - 1868) when cloths were commonly used in bath-houses to wrap clothes and also used as a bath mat. 

Using decorative, elegant cloth as a means to carry items and wrap gifts has been a part of Japanese art and culture since the 8th century. This practice, known as furoshiki, makes the art of gift-giving that much more personalised and special.

Gift-givers around the world have since adopted the furoshiki technique in favour of its versatility and environmentally-conscious approach. 

Our entire range of Furoshiki is made in Kyoto Japan. We stock all items at our Sydney office and dispatch orders on the next business day.

We sell 3 main sizes that are suitable for various items such as:-  

S (48 - 50cm) - Usage: Books, bento box, lunch box, tissue box, face mask

M (68 x 70cm) - Usage: Wine bottles, gift box

L (90 - 120cm)  - Usage: Wall art, clutch bag, shoulder bag, large gift box

All Furoshiki orders are packed with Australian made eco-friendly bubble wrap and shipped in a compostable mailer bag. 

We also include an instructional leaflet with the most common wrapping techniques for most items. 

If you are new to furoshiki or wanting to learn a new technique then view our how to furoshiki video tutorials to help you become a Furoshiki master in no time! 


Product Listing (26)

50 KATA KATA Furoshiki Cat and Yarn Pink


70 Modern-girl with Furoshiki Bag Rings


45 Cohare Cats & Birds Pink


70 Cohare Hummingbird Yellow


104 KATA KATA Furoshiki Koala Bear Yellow


50 KATA KATA Furoshiki Blue Whale


50 KATA KATA Furoshiki Bear and Bird Yellow


104 KATA KATA Furoshiki Sea Otter Blue


104 Large Reversible Furoshiki Apricot/Pine and Bamboo Red/Navy